Man... I'm tired!

Could fall asleep right away. Stayed out until 1 am yesterday night and got up at 7.30 this morning. No clue why. Probably because of the coffee yesterday. Way too much But tasty.

Well E. picked me up to go on a day trip to Ann Arbor which was really cool and we checked out the view camera and set it up in a botanical park down there. It was pretty awesome, except the setting up part, boy this thing is heavy and you never really know if you're doing it right. And if you mess it up all pictures are gone. Damn it, I hope they come out pretty. Anyways, two friends of her and one exchange student from Denmark came along and we had a really good time. It was hilarious. Especially the weirdo guy in the speedo. Hehehe! We went out to have lunch at a vegan place... I don't get it. All that green stuff... Pfui. I ate nachos I know I'm so risky. Anyways after our photoshoot we ate crepes and after 10 months without crepes I finally got to eat some! Yiehaaa! Really tasty, with nutella and strawberries and bananas and ice cream... yummy! The others went to go to the park to see the Wizard of Oz but E. and me walked through the city she showed me the campus of UM and it was ridiculously beautiful. We hung out at a cafe after that and they had German candy there. That was soo cool. Haribo and Ritter Sport. So I told E. what the whole thing is with Ritter Sport and I told her what flavors the different colors are and the guy at the counter was like: Wow how do you know all that? And then we played a game, he told me the color and I had to tell what flavor it was, without looking. And of course I know all of them! All of them!!!!! I love Ritter Sport. German candy is the best anyways. It was a lot of fun. The best day in quite a while.

Now I'm finally listening to the new Kooks record which I got on the weekend, but didn't have time to listen to it. I like the kooks. I'm glad that the kids are gone for now because I really feel like quiet. We gotta turn in our first assignment today. For the photography class. And I hope they kinda like mine. But if they don't... whatever. I like it. Anyways, that's why I have to leave earlier today because I have to fix some dust spots on my print.

I really think about taking a nap now. Oh yeah what I wanted to say... E. took some really nice pictures of me. I know sounds soo not like me. That's why I take the pictures. Because I don't like me on pictures so much. But that's the good thing about hanging out  with other photographers. They take nice pics of you. I worked on it on the program I have and I really like it. Maybe I post some photos in the next time.

But for now I'm way too tired. See ya.

**Song of the day** The Kooks- Sway 

7.7.08 21:45


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