What? Whaaaaaat????

Can you guys actually believe that half of the year is already over? Jeez.... Haven't spent a lot of time on the computer lately because the kids are having their summer break and I'm totally working. All day long. But we went to the Jack Johnson concert on Wednesday and oh my... it was awesome! It seriously was. It was an open air concert on this hill and we couldn't really see him very well but the sound was amazing and all these people. It was like Rock am Ring fuer Arme but still cool because we got to see Jack Johnson. And he is a very funny and cute guy Very good Live Act too. So it was just a lot of fun. Oh here's my favorite part. -I noticed that I have all those little favorite storys to tell and I think it's kinda funny- There was this drunk guy who walked through all the people, he was on the top of the hill and he was yelling, with his beer in his hand: THE WAVE IS COMING! GET READY THE WAVE IS COMING. And then came the Laola Welle. It was hilarious. Should do that more often, go to open air concerts I meant. Not hang out with drunken guys hehe

So anyways... K. is still here, go figure, we're going up north next week. Joshilein played You and me for me today Pretty sweet...

What else? Do you know that feeling when you know it's time to stop, even though you don't want to? When you don't want to push it any further because it could leave a bad taste in your mouth? -Don't take it literally- Well I think my time has come. I mean everything is still fine and I'm having a really fabulous time but still... My organization sent me my documents for my departure a couple days ago. It is so weird. On one hand it doesn't seem like almost 10 months away from home, in a different country, all by myself. And on the other hand I think I'm done. Been there, done that. Try to get a flight on 7 September. Hope that'll work out.

I'm excited. But for now I'm enjoying Jack Johnson's really awesome music...

**Song of the day** Jack Johnson- Breakdown 


21.6.08 02:40


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Thomas (22.6.08 05:42)
Besoffene sind immer wieder lustig
Denen kann man manchmal stundenlang zuhören und sich totlachen :D
Und sie bemerken im besten Fall noch nicht einmal, dass man über sie lacht xD
Aber was mich jetzt gewundert hat...
Jack Johnson = Rock am Ring für Arme? :D
Okay, ernst gemeint hast du's ja nicht...aber trotzdem...
Jedes Konzert hat doch so seinen Reiz :P
Außerdem ist ja Rock am Ring noch lange nicht das Maß aller Dinge....^^
lalalala xD
ich hau besser mal ab... ._.

Sabrina (22.6.08 19:22)
Ich meine die Umgebung... von wegen auf ner Wiese rumgammeln, tausend Leute um einen rum... nur halt winzig. Das meinte ich mit Rock am Ring fuer Arme... Jack Johnson ist natuerlich viel cooler als z.B. so'n paar Loserbands bei RaR... Und das Mass aller Dinge ist irgendwie nichts...

Thomas (22.6.08 22:31)
Das Maß aller Dinge ist immer das Beste von allem...oder nicht? o_O
mhh..korrigier mich, wenn ich falsch liege :P
mh..bei RaR gibt's keine Loserbands...aber dafür (umso mehr)/einige Spackobands :D

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