The Photolab...

... something like this happens to me all the time...

Student #1: Das Boot!!!!!

Teacher: Yeah!!! Das Boot...

Me: What was that about??? (totally confused...)

Student #2: I have no idea... but it's funny.

Me: ?????

Student #2: Oh I forgot you speak German don't you?

Me: I AM German...

Student #2: Hahha that's even funnier... you are just like: Weird Americans just saying random words that have nothing to do with the situation...

She is cracking up.

Me: Well... that was certainly weird...

The point is... In the case of knowledge... Americans try to use what they know, most of the time that is not so much and think they are pretty cool. But then there is somebody like me who actually understands what they are saying and understands that it makes no sense... Not at all!

Anyways... it was funny though.

**Song of the day** Hanson- Every word I say

PS: For your information... Taylor is just not looking at me because I didn't tell him to pose. If I would have done so, he would have hugged and squeezed me... aetsch!

25.4.08 04:07


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Thomas (25.4.08 11:22)
die dummen dummen amis xD hauptsache irgendwas labern^^

PS: Hahahaha

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